There are a lot of issues in this world that need to be addressed and in many cases they are covered up. This site, MORGANFEESE is one written by a survivor. I suggest you take the time to visit, to read, comment, and follow.

You can visit her site at:

Such crimes go unnoticed because in many cases the family circles the wagons and protects the abuser. It happens all too frequently. It is because the family is 1) embarrassed and 2) refuses to accept something that they all know is going on.

Just as a side comment, are you aware that sexual slavery is a major crime in the United States where people are bought and sold as sex slaves? Florida has a traffic route through it. Sarasota, FL. is on that route and in Bradenton, FL two safe houses have been set up. How tragic that in today’s world we have slavery going on with people being bought and sold and little is being said or done about it. How tragic.


Looking for some poetry? Here is a simple site that is “about words” and very cool. Great comments from readers and a good number of followers. The site is uncluttered, unlike mine, and is a pleasure to visit. So, do yourself a favor and if you like poetry and simplicity then go and visit MUAGS at:


Well, this is an interesting blog! This is one of those places that are hard to explain….as in, go see for yourself. It is how he writes about himself. It is how he writes about others. The guy writes about spending two years in jail for, you know, having too much grass, pot, whatever hanging around that the Illinois police figured he was selling it. What? Did he have a “for sale” sign up? I know. I know. It is all in how something looks. Well, he says yes and no in the same breath. I thought that a great defense and would have said “not guilty” if on the jury, but I wasn’t on the jury and Jan got sentenced to two years for having too much weed lying around. The same thing happened to a friend of mine, he was sentenced to 50 years… uh huh….but he was selling A WHOLE LOT OF GRASS. y’a know what I mean?

Anyway, go visit him. Read his article about Suicide and tattoos. Spend some time with him.


“She lay face down. At least that is how they found her—-face down.” That is the opening line of Predator: The Man Who Didn’t Exist. It is the story of a serial rapist and murderer who began his career as a criminal when in his early teens.

I have been working on the narrative nonfiction true crime for 1 1/2 years. I have almost 300 pages written and more to come.

So, why am I telling you this? It is because you are going to want to buy this book when it comes out. Because of that I am setting up a Constant Contact link for those who are interested. But, in order for me to do that I need your help. I will supply regular reports of where I am at with the book, what I am doing, excerpts, photographs, and more on a weekly basis sent directly to your email address. BUT, in order for me to do that I need your email address. So, in order for me to build the data base….. and, oh, by the way… I will be holding contests… yep… and if you buy any of my books they will be autographed by me.

So, back to the email address… If you wish to be on my mailing list (and I hope you do… besides you can always cancel) then send your email address to my email address below and in the subject line of the message write PREDATOR and I’ll know it isn’t spam.

So, you will have chances of getting a free book, updates on my work on the new book, and much more and all I am asking is that you send me your email address.

My email address is: GKUHNWRITES@AOL.COM………………again: GKUHNWRITES@AOL.COM

Poems of the Inner Spark

Another poet! This blog is about a small book of poems the author has released on Amazon. It is a young blog from what I can tell. Even so I think it is an interesting one and worth a stop by. Who knows, you may find a new friend there.

Bri Bruce Productions

I am pleased to bring another blog to your attention: Bri Bruce Productions.

Bri Bruce is a professional editor and graphic designer. Her work can be found in over fifteen anthologies, magazines, and literary publications. She can provide copywriting/editing, photography and so much more. Well worth visiting and following particularly if you are a writer in need of such services.

I am following her and look forward to reading more about what she does.


Uh, yep, that what I said…. STEENKERBEE.

This is a young blog, I think. The author likes “micropoetry” which is short blasts of words that are intriguing and artfully put together. Again, I think it the site is a new blog but well worth a visit. Streamlined, little fanfare, just a clean well-managed site.

Reclusive Rachel

What an intriguing name: Reclusive Rachel

Well, she is a mother with an interesting blog. She discusses issues that relate to women and to child rearing (from what I’ve read so far). I think her site is well worth a visit and maybe your following her. For Walmart fans sheeven has a page about having gone shopping there…. Shhh … Don’t tell! I shopped at Walmart last night.

Anyway, go visit her at: