Bri Bruce Productions

I am pleased to bring another blog to your attention: Bri Bruce Productions.

Bri Bruce is a professional editor and graphic designer. Her work can be found in over fifteen anthologies, magazines, and literary publications. She can provide copywriting/editing, photography and so much more. Well worth visiting and following particularly if you are a writer in need of such services.

I am following her and look forward to reading more about what she does.


Uh, yep, that what I said…. STEENKERBEE.

This is a young blog, I think. The author likes “micropoetry” which is short blasts of words that are intriguing and artfully put together. Again, I think it the site is a new blog but well worth a visit. Streamlined, little fanfare, just a clean well-managed site.

Reclusive Rachel

What an intriguing name: Reclusive Rachel

Well, she is a mother with an interesting blog. She discusses issues that relate to women and to child rearing (from what I’ve read so far). I think her site is well worth a visit and maybe your following her. For Walmart fans sheeven has a page about having gone shopping there…. Shhh … Don’t tell! I shopped at Walmart last night.

Anyway, go visit her at: