Reclusive Rachel

What an intriguing name: Reclusive Rachel

Well, she is a mother with an interesting blog. She discusses issues that relate to women and to child rearing (from what I’ve read so far). I think her site is well worth a visit and maybe your following her. For Walmart fans sheeven has a page about having gone shopping there…. Shhh … Don’t tell! I shopped at Walmart last night.

Anyway, go visit her at:

2 responses to “Reclusive Rachel”

  1. Reclusive Rachel Avatar
    Reclusive Rachel

    What a nice surprise! I was on a roll of writing daily and have slacked off for over a week now. This is motivation to get back on the writing horse. I hadn’t thought of myself as writing about women, per se. Maybe that is an important theme to me that I wasn’t even aware of.
    Thank you Gordon!


    1. I think you have the talent and awareness to generate a wonderful blog for and about women.


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