Well, this is an interesting blog! This is one of those places that are hard to explain….as in, go see for yourself. It is how he writes about himself. It is how he writes about others. The guy writes about spending two years in jail for, you know, having too much grass, pot, whatever hanging around that the Illinois police figured he was selling it. What? Did he have a “for sale” sign up? I know. I know. It is all in how something looks. Well, he says yes and no in the same breath. I thought that a great defense and would have said “not guilty” if on the jury, but I wasn’t on the jury and Jan got sentenced to two years for having too much weed lying around. The same thing happened to a friend of mine, he was sentenced to 50 years… uh huh….but he was selling A WHOLE LOT OF GRASS. y’a know what I mean?

Anyway, go visit him. Read his article about Suicide and tattoos. Spend some time with him.