Back Surgery

19 days past major back surgery to L4-L5. I had a fusion and laminectomy . I have been suffering since 1980 when I fell in a theatrical program. It was a fight scene and I was being pushed off stage and fell backwards over a chair that should not have been there.   Then I had to get up and go back out on stage and do several other scenes. After that happened I suffered for years with sciatic pain, numbness, and partial paralysis of my left leg. I have been in constant pain from then until now. But  following the surgery, my left leg has recovered and I find it easier to walk which had become a problem as my legs were going weak on me. I was fearful that I was going to be in a wheelchair soon.

One Way Healthier

Okay! Looking for information about healthy living???? I found one. It is One Way Healthier and it can be found at:

In today’s world we need all the help we can get when it comes to the foods we eat. We live in a fake food world. We have refined sugars and plastic food items that are made from combing chemicals to get something. From what I understand McDonald’s french fries never seem to rot. That is pretty scary that we are putting such in our systems.

Well, anyway, check out One Way Healthier… it just might help you , who knows, I am  going to start following them. I need all the  help I can get!