Back Surgery

19 days past major back surgery to L4-L5. I had a fusion and laminectomy . I have been suffering since 1980 when I fell in a theatrical program. It was a fight scene and I was being pushed off stage and fell backwards over a chair that should not have been there.   Then I had to get up and go back out on stage and do several other scenes. After that happened I suffered for years with sciatic pain, numbness, and partial paralysis of my left leg. I have been in constant pain from then until now. But  following the surgery, my left leg has recovered and I find it easier to walk which had become a problem as my legs were going weak on me. I was fearful that I was going to be in a wheelchair soon.

2 responses to “Back Surgery”

  1. Did they harvest bone from your hip for the fusion ?


    1. They shaved some bone and crushed it and then put it in where the screws were. I was told it would take three months to heal.


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