Review: Tincture Journal

Tincture Journal will be publishing one of my short stories in September.

Veronica Sullivan


Tincture is a newish ePub-only literary journal, publishing “quality writing from Australia and the world”. As journals go, its submissions policy is as wide open as you could imagine: no themes or word limits, with a constantly rolling call-out for submissions. Such permissive criteria can be dangerous – quality and cohesion can be jettisoned with the excitement of showcasing as many ideas as possible – but Tincture largely avoids these pitfalls, and gathers unique and surprising work from relatively unknown writers.

Some of the pieces in Tincture are genuinely funny and imbued with sharp irony. Matt Smith’s ‘Enjoy the Silence’ wryly describes the collision between a hermetic monk and the world of Instagram and Reddit. Ron Barton’s ‘A Tale with a Twist’ lays bare the monstrous horror of a crowded commute with evident relish:

“Among them the Zombies lounged in their school uniforms. They chewed gum, communicated in monosyllabic grunts…

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