Preorders are being accepted at Tincture Journal for issue number seven which will be released 9/1. For those of you who are writers and those of you who read a fair amount this is a good deal. Tincture Journal has some incredible writers. I am fortunate to be in this issue with The Intersection. So, I highly recommend the journal to each and everyone of you.

At the Gate of the Ghost

I’ve been watching a lot of foreign films lately. Most of them are Oriental. Most of them are Thai. The most recent I finished a bit ago. It has English subtitles, like the rest, but I find that I can watch the film and keep up with the story (unless I fall asleep as I sometimes do). The film was: At the Gate of the Ghost. It is about a murder that is told by three witnesses. One witness is the wife of the slain warlord, the second is a woodcutter, and the third is a shaman speaking for the soul of the slain warlord. The truth is not revealed until the end.

The telling of the story is told in a cave setting. A young monk who left the monastery to go home to find himself and the truth of what life is all about is there along with the woodcutter and another thief. Outside the tunnel a storm is raging and the woodcutter and the monk sought sanctuary in the tunnel only to find the other thief resident there. He pushes for the story to be told. THe monk and the woodcutter have been at the trial of a well-known thief who was then executed for the death of the warlord. However, did the well-known thief actually murder the warlord and was it over his wife or was his wife involved in the murder. Or, did the warlord commit suicide. It is a beautiful story, twisting and turning until the end. There are lessons taught along the way about life and in the end the monk realizes just how little he understood about life and he then returns to the monetary being enlightened by the discoveries made in the telling of the story.

I am one who tends to search and tries to understand about life. I fail so many times in what I do and say. My emotions run away with me at times and I stumble with the inability to make sense of it all.

I recognize the differences in others and I try to not judge. In judging I always return to judge myself for in myself I find greater weaknesses than I see in others. Or, I should say, I sometimes resent what I see in others only to find that what I saw there in someone else is magnified in my own self. If I were to dwell too long on those things I would find myself caught up in a suicidal whirl or drunk. So, what does it all mean? I have no idea. I only know that when I come away from such a story I am ill at ease with myself for I am far less than I would like to be and I don’t understand what or who I am when I had just thought that I did know. I have no idea if any of that makes sense to anyone. I am more confused than before and humbled by the telling of a simple story that ends when the storm outside the tunnel also ends.

M. Talmage Moorehead

Whew, I just came away from checking out someone who was checking me out. I am exhausted. Here I sit listening to Billy Joel and outside someone is hanging an aluminum gutter on the house next door and I clicked on the M. Talmage Moorehead’s link and found myself reading some interesting writing like I Bailed on my Medical Practice……..What???? http://storiform.com/2014/07/26/i-bailed-on-my-medical-practice/

THen I flipped to My Show Don’t Tell Obsession…. uh oh….http://storiform.com/2014/06/01/my-show-dont-tell-obsession/

Oh yeah, just getting warmed up here. This guy has got plenty of followers too.


All at Storiform.com

So, go, grasshopper, check these links out. I think you will find them to be greatly of interest.

The Diary of Commitment Jones

An excerpt from The Diary of Commitment Jones: “My daddy told me that most people don’t have no taste for Road Kill Stew, but I find it is a pleasure to eat. Don’t have to worry about bout going to the store an payin a high price for meat and the shoppin is easy cause route 60 is goin rit past my house…well, almost rit past my house give or take, as daddy says, a cupple of hundred yards. And the meet most times is tenderized from bein run over multiple times. Course you gotta pick the gravel out of it before you cook it unless you want to brake a tooth or somethin. And the nice thing about living next to route 60 is it four lanes so you got plenty of chances for some critter to get whacked. You just gotta get there before the turkey vultures do.”


Hey, its me again. I am back with the link to a wonderful blog written by a fellow United States Marine, Cassandra Rose Arthur. I think you will all fall in love with this one. She is bright and entertaining. I was impressed and have decided to follow her myself. I am looking forward to more of Cassandra;s blog entries. So, my suggestion is for you to go and visit her. I think you will enjoy everything you find there.




Went to a Bass Pro Shop today. Never had been before. As I walked in I hear myself say, “Holy Crap. I must be almost in Heaven!” I say, almost, as I knew I was still alive. I also know and suspect that with my track record the chances of me getting into heaven are most restricted. 

Everything was just cozy until Alfonso stepped out with a big smile to stop my path of wonder. 

“Hi!” he said brightly. “Do you know why I stopped you?”

“No,” I thought, and shook my head, but was certain I knew the reason as he was standing next to a booth with 6 other “salespeople” all with vampire like grins. 

“Because you have an earring in your ear and that means you must be cool.”


“Yeah, like me,” he went on. “Look, I have two.”

“Uh huh, and they are bigger than mine.”

“Yeah, bigger, and so where do you come from?”



“Really,,,(time to do the soft shoe reversal on Alfonso)” And where do you come from?”

“Uh, here. So are you on vacation.”

“Yep. How about you? Are you on vacation?” I saw his eyes start to wobble.

“No, mmm, I’m working.” And so we went a few more round until I was able to dislodge myself. I believe this is a form of hypnosis. It works everytime. When they ask you a question, answer and then hit them with the same question right back. 


The Problem with Dystopians

BD HESSE is an interesting blogger! She is multifaceted. See her blog entry below and then go visit here at http://bdhesse.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/the-problem-with-dystopians/


I love dystopians. I love reading about worlds that are vastly different from our own. I love the sense of ‘at least things are not that bad.’ But there is a problem: people take them as warnings to probable futures. 

My partner and I recently read 1984. It was a good story. But I have heard many people make claims along the lines of ‘look how closely our world matches that of the world in 1984.’ The story was good, but it was wholly unrealistic. That world is never going to happen because there is no benefit in it for anyone. Even the government doesn’t benefit. How could they? To maintain that world they had to cease all scientific and technological advancements. Yes, there are some parts of the story that reflect society today, but they are minimal and not really all that significant. 

I understand the draw to take…

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Karen decided to follow me! Because of that I looked her up and found that she is an author and song writer. She has a blog too. She is interested in helping people with depression and addictions. I hope that none of you have that or those problems.

I have dealt with depression on and off for years. A few of my friends have taken their lives. Twenty-two vets take their lives daily. If you need help, get it. If you have an addiction problem, then seek help in resolving it. Your life is too precious to waste.

Anyway, go visit Karen and see what goes there. Okay? Okay.


ANNA BAYES – Bisexuality

Well……not sure about this site, but in the belief of differences of opinion and the fact that our brains are not all the same I have to report that Anna Bayes has an interesting blog. Now, please understand that I am not endorsing or supporting some of  her content, but I believe that her being different is something that is based on natural issues that I do not understand and will not criticize.

So, should you be interested in what she has to say about being bi-sexual then I have placed her link below for you to contact her. I think her blog is well written and informative. She has some things posted that were written by other writers and they also are interesting and well written. I found them to be educational and informative particularly when it comes to a young person exploring their sexuality which is a personal and private issue. For them to openly write about it, I think, is refreshing. There was nothing that I found that was written with the desire to offend. Had that been the case I wouldn’t waste my time writing this and placing her link on my page.

Bottom line, go and look and read and I think you will come away with a better understanding of sexuality and, maybe, even yourself. I know I did.


The World’s Worst Writer Winner!!!

I am not so sure of that. From what I can tell his blog is well written and no criticism could I find. So, if you are interested in a blog that has a touch of magic about it then this, my friend, is for you. Go and be blessed!