The World’s Worst Writer Winner!!!

I am not so sure of that. From what I can tell his blog is well written and no criticism could I find. So, if you are interested in a blog that has a touch of magic about it then this, my friend, is for you. Go and be blessed!

Project Light to Life

Do you need a lift? Looking for some positive thinking? Then I have found a place that you should visit. Christine Barba has put together a blog that is not only enlightening, but it is a fun place to visit. I highly recommend this blog to everyone and particularly to anyone in need of some encouragement. I know I do at times and today is one of them. So, I was happy to read some of what she wrote and to know that there are people out there who can bring a smile to my face. So, I highly encourage you to visit Project Light to LIfe. I put a link below to take you to the site’s “about” page.