Karen decided to follow me! Because of that I looked her up and found that she is an author and song writer. She has a blog too. She is interested in helping people with depression and addictions. I hope that none of you have that or those problems.

I have dealt with depression on and off for years. A few of my friends have taken their lives. Twenty-two vets take their lives daily. If you need help, get it. If you have an addiction problem, then seek help in resolving it. Your life is too precious to waste.

Anyway, go visit Karen and see what goes there. Okay? Okay.


ANNA BAYES – Bisexuality

Well……not sure about this site, but in the belief of differences of opinion and the fact that our brains are not all the same I have to report that Anna Bayes has an interesting blog. Now, please understand that I am not endorsing or supporting some of ┬áher content, but I believe that her being different is something that is based on natural issues that I do not understand and will not criticize.

So, should you be interested in what she has to say about being bi-sexual then I have placed her link below for you to contact her. I think her blog is well written and informative. She has some things posted that were written by other writers and they also are interesting and well written. I found them to be educational and informative particularly when it comes to a young person exploring their sexuality which is a personal and private issue. For them to openly write about it, I think, is refreshing. There was nothing that I found that was written with the desire to offend. Had that been the case I wouldn’t waste my time writing this and placing her link on my page.

Bottom line, go and look and read and I think you will come away with a better understanding of sexuality and, maybe, even yourself. I know I did.