ANNA BAYES – Bisexuality

Well……not sure about this site, but in the belief of differences of opinion and the fact that our brains are not all the same I have to report that Anna Bayes has an interesting blog. Now, please understand that I am not endorsing or supporting some of  her content, but I believe that her being different is something that is based on natural issues that I do not understand and will not criticize.

So, should you be interested in what she has to say about being bi-sexual then I have placed her link below for you to contact her. I think her blog is well written and informative. She has some things posted that were written by other writers and they also are interesting and well written. I found them to be educational and informative particularly when it comes to a young person exploring their sexuality which is a personal and private issue. For them to openly write about it, I think, is refreshing. There was nothing that I found that was written with the desire to offend. Had that been the case I wouldn’t waste my time writing this and placing her link on my page.

Bottom line, go and look and read and I think you will come away with a better understanding of sexuality and, maybe, even yourself. I know I did.

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