Went to a Bass Pro Shop today. Never had been before. As I walked in I hear myself say, “Holy Crap. I must be almost in Heaven!” I say, almost, as I knew I was still alive. I also know and suspect that with my track record the chances of me getting into heaven are most restricted. 

Everything was just cozy until Alfonso stepped out with a big smile to stop my path of wonder. 

“Hi!” he said brightly. “Do you know why I stopped you?”

“No,” I thought, and shook my head, but was certain I knew the reason as he was standing next to a booth with 6 other “salespeople” all with vampire like grins. 

“Because you have an earring in your ear and that means you must be cool.”


“Yeah, like me,” he went on. “Look, I have two.”

“Uh huh, and they are bigger than mine.”

“Yeah, bigger, and so where do you come from?”



“Really,,,(time to do the soft shoe reversal on Alfonso)” And where do you come from?”

“Uh, here. So are you on vacation.”

“Yep. How about you? Are you on vacation?” I saw his eyes start to wobble.

“No, mmm, I’m working.” And so we went a few more round until I was able to dislodge myself. I believe this is a form of hypnosis. It works everytime. When they ask you a question, answer and then hit them with the same question right back. 


The Problem with Dystopians

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I love dystopians. I love reading about worlds that are vastly different from our own. I love the sense of ‘at least things are not that bad.’ But there is a problem: people take them as warnings to probable futures. 

My partner and I recently read 1984. It was a good story. But I have heard many people make claims along the lines of ‘look how closely our world matches that of the world in 1984.’ The story was good, but it was wholly unrealistic. That world is never going to happen because there is no benefit in it for anyone. Even the government doesn’t benefit. How could they? To maintain that world they had to cease all scientific and technological advancements. Yes, there are some parts of the story that reflect society today, but they are minimal and not really all that significant. 

I understand the draw to take…

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