The Diary of Commitment Jones

An excerpt from The Diary of Commitment Jones: “My daddy told me that most people don’t have no taste for Road Kill Stew, but I find it is a pleasure to eat. Don’t have to worry about bout going to the store an payin a high price for meat and the shoppin is easy cause route 60 is goin rit past my house…well, almost rit past my house give or take, as daddy says, a cupple of hundred yards. And the meet most times is tenderized from bein run over multiple times. Course you gotta pick the gravel out of it before you cook it unless you want to brake a tooth or somethin. And the nice thing about living next to route 60 is it four lanes so you got plenty of chances for some critter to get whacked. You just gotta get there before the turkey vultures do.”


Hey, its me again. I am back with the link to a wonderful blog written by a fellow United States Marine, Cassandra Rose Arthur. I think you will all fall in love with this one. She is bright and entertaining. I was impressed and have decided to follow her myself. I am looking forward to more of Cassandra;s blog entries. So, my suggestion is for you to go and visit her. I think you will enjoy everything you find there.