M. Talmage Moorehead

Whew, I just came away from checking out someone who was checking me out. I am exhausted. Here I sit listening to Billy Joel and outside someone is hanging an aluminum gutter on the house next door and I clicked on the M. Talmage Moorehead’s link and found myself reading some interesting writing like I Bailed on my Medical Practice……..What???? http://storiform.com/2014/07/26/i-bailed-on-my-medical-practice/

THen I flipped to My Show Don’t Tell Obsession…. uh oh….http://storiform.com/2014/06/01/my-show-dont-tell-obsession/

Oh yeah, just getting warmed up here. This guy has got plenty of followers too.


All at Storiform.com

So, go, grasshopper, check these links out. I think you will find them to be greatly of interest.

4 responses to “M. Talmage Moorehead”

  1. Thank you for your generous and encouraging words about my blog. It’s true that I burned out as a pathologist a while back, and now hope to make a difference in the world as a writer. It’s amazing how much better life is without the constant stress of life and death, and the expectation of near infallibility that’s placed upon pathologists. Writing is a happier profession for someone like me. Twenty-six years of high stress was enough. I’m thankful for whatever good I was able to do as an MD, but nothing could make go back to that miserable lifestyle. Nothing in this world.


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