This is a work by Alan French in Australia. I am trying to post. So, here goes…..


An odd feeling passed over me this night
Cast from memories to paper the wall of my room
How the wind howls and seeks an entry to my soul
Where with barbs it would lay waste without recourse
And show me the insignificance of my life
The blazing fire of anger shared
The paths walked and those failed to pass over
Doors offered and left closed
With life my life is shared and
What could have been is done
For better things I think
Perhaps, but no tally sheet for the score
The butterfly spreads its wings
The rabbit seeks a hole
An end within an end
The spiral stumbles and fails. Copyright Gordon Kuhn Sept. 28,2014


I have been awake on and off all night. It is my pattern. I write at night when it is quiet. I try to sleep but my legs sometimes refuse to let me rest. It seems this past year has been relentless with issues in the world, overseas and at home. I envy those who seem to have normal lives of family and friends and wonder to myself how is it that the time has slipped past so quickly when I was not watching. I wrote the following short poem. It will be in the collection I will be printing later on this year. Later on,…..how  we trust that phrase. There are children in the neighborhood who are full of life and hope and I wish for them all the good that life has to offer. The couples across the street with young children, how lucky they are. Their lives were not stained by what so many of us have suffered and I hope they never are or will be touched by the violence seen by some of us. A million confessions will not wash life clean for some of us. As a friend said to me recently, “It is what it is.”  And yet I wonder. I wonder about the “before” and I wonder about the  “future”. I wonder about the smiles on the children’s faces and hope they will never lose the spirit that brings them such joy and yet….yet as I look closely I find disharmony in everything around me. Time has moved past and I am left with memories and regrets and pain and wishes that the world and I could be different…but it is as it is and such that nothing I think in memory can change the past.


How like leaves we are

Born fresh and clean

Then weathered with time

Turning brittle to fall away

And then to simply disappear.             9/17/14  Copyright 2014 Gordon Kuhn

Defensive Gun Use Report for June, 2014

For those of you who believe in the right to gun ownership and are not cowed by Left Wing activists who want us disarmed for their own purposes of controlling the citizens of this country, I am pleased to provide a link to a report issued for June of 2014 which addresses many of the cases that you will never see on national news (because they don’t want you to be able to protect yourself).



5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful, Versatile Collection Of Verse.., September 9, 2014
This review is from: The Widow’s Cliff and Other Poems (Paperback)
I recently received this book of poetry from the author in exchange for a fair review. In all honesty I have to say that I have enjoyed this man’s work, and this collection very much. In fact it’s been one of the most enjoayble expereinces with a book of poetry I have encountered in quite some time. Admittedly, I am not a fan at all of modern poetry that tends to be very dark, and, doesn’t rhyme or conclude as classic poetry does. As a poet and editor myself, I have loved and composed my own poetry since boyhood and I am quite set in my ways. This collection is the perfect cross over in my opinion as to the modern touch, while still keeping the classic style alive and thriving. Author Gordon Kuhn augments his subject matter with great depth as to reciting a real story, as well as delving into much heartfelt emotion. Emotion that gather the reins of both matters of the heart, as well as being poignant and reminiscent. In many ways Kuhn’s excellent style reminds me of Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Both in its structure, and in its imagery. And I am also very impressed with Kuhn’s versatility of subjects. There is such a wide range of subject matter put to verse here its almost as if the author writes opposite of so many others. That is, instead of thinking about something and writing it down, he instead just writes what he is thinking. The end result being a very versatile style of wonderful poems that I feel will delight many, and be well worth your time. I enjoyed this book very much and feel you will be both entertained and inspired by it as well… Highly recommended… : )

SUNDAY …. not just your average fun day.

Well, here we are and it is Sunday….. Sunday… yep, it is Sunday…. kinda rhymes with Funday…. I wonder if it supposed to be a funday or is it just another … Sunday… Sundays are okay except for Monday…. So, why is it called Sunday? Is there any significance to that word? Sun? I mean, are we all supposed to be out in the Sun? But then what happens on Monday… I can understand Saturday… Maybe we are supposed to just sit around as in sat. I sat on Saturday and then got a sun burn on Sunday because I sat too long on Saturday.

But then if you sit too long on Saturday you get hemorrhoids which when added to the sun burn on Sunday really sucks. Hemorrhoids and a sun burn… God, can you imagine?

Maybe that is why Monday is called Monday. Mon is kinda like a moan… think about it … say it slow…. Muuuun day. Of course if you said Mon day like Moan day… some tribe in lower africa says it like that … Moanday… British I think ….


Well, I have a report that I didn’t think I was going to be able to write from a positive standpoint. My wife and I just had an anniversary and she wanted to buy a IPad Air…….so, we checked the papers and ads and found that Staples had a sale going on the Air IPad. It is a $100 off on the 16 and so we decided to take advantage of it.

We went to the local store over on University and bought one. We bought the repair service and accessories. My wife was so excited she could hardly wait to get home and start working with it. Well, we had problems getting it attached to our wifi system. Then she had problems getting hooked up with ITunes and in the process the pad displayed a user name which she did not recognize…PLUS it had several hundred contacts listed with the names of doctors and other professionals.

So I looked at it and called Apple service after we discovered a name on the system (Bette’s Ipad). Apple was happy to inform us that the pad was actually registered to another person. Come to find out the store had given us a pad that someone had brought in to exchange.

Today we went to Staples and took the problem Ipad to them. The store manager and the salesmen were startled as this has never happened before. Shaunna, Lionel, and Dave went to work trying to correct the situation…..Well….in the end we were given a 32GB system to replace the 16GB for our troubles. They also replaced the shield and helped my wife set it up. She and I are both very happy.

I have been a long time Staples customer and thanked them for their customer service. I will remain a customer and thank them for their kindness. The mistake was taken care of and everyone was satisfied with the outcome.

If you are in the Sarasota/Bradenton area and need office supplies I recommend the University Blvd store which is about 1/2 mile from I-75 at the shopping plaza at the intersection of Honore and University. Great people!