SUNDAY …. not just your average fun day.

Well, here we are and it is Sunday….. Sunday… yep, it is Sunday…. kinda rhymes with Funday…. I wonder if it supposed to be a funday or is it just another … Sunday… Sundays are okay except for Monday…. So, why is it called Sunday? Is there any significance to that word? Sun? I mean, are we all supposed to be out in the Sun? But then what happens on Monday… I can understand Saturday… Maybe we are supposed to just sit around as in sat. I sat on Saturday and then got a sun burn on Sunday because I sat too long on Saturday.

But then if you sit too long on Saturday you get hemorrhoids which when added to the sun burn on Sunday really sucks. Hemorrhoids and a sun burn… God, can you imagine?

Maybe that is why Monday is called Monday. Mon is kinda like a moan… think about it … say it slow…. Muuuun day. Of course if you said Mon day like Moan day… some tribe in lower africa says it like that … Moanday… British I think ….