Welcome New Followers!

Hello! I have been working on several projects and must apologize to those of you who recently (within the past month or so) have decided to follow my blog here. I am excited that you are here and I want to thank you all for following me. My excuse is that I have been working on a new site to promote my books http://www.authorgordonkuhn.com and in the process of doing that my computer crashed. It took me two weeks to get the system back to where I think it should be. Thank God for the Dell Techs who took control of the computer several times and flushed out the viruses I had picked up. If you have a Dell I highly suggest that you get the service from them to protect your computer. They actually can take control of you computer and view it remotely. You sit there and watch your cursor move across the screen and you communicate with them in a message box or they can talk with you over the phone. They saved my butt!

The other thing I have been doing is writing. I know I told you all that Tincture Journal (an online magazine) published The Intersection in its September electronic publication. I was really excited about that and was happy to share the story with so many people. Tincture has a huge following.

The other thing I have been doing is working on the true crime novel: Predator, The Man Who Didn’t Exist.

I have crossed the 400 page mark and have about another 100 pages to write. I have been looking for an agent, but have not found one. I need to finish the book and if I have to do it I will publish it myself.

So, that is what has been going on with me.

I have to say you all have been great with your notes to me and with your visits. Thanks! I will write more later on, it is now 0530 here and I’ve been up about 3 hours. Just restless and wanting to communicate with you all. So, have a great day!


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