New Followers!

They write,  “Godinterest is a photo-driven Christian social media site that allows you to upload photos and share cool things that you find across the web.” This is in competition with Pinterest.

And that is true in many cases that pictures do speak more loudly than words. Pictures expand and allow inspection. Words come quickly and then are gone. Except the interpretation can stay for a lifetime.


Rajam530ds is on Gravatar but did not find any other information.


Megan E. Morales….she likes Star Trek!

She writes, “If you dream upon a dream it will come true.”

I hope so Megan. I really hope so. I believe you to be a dreamer and I hope your dreams come true.


They write about overcoming depression and anxiety. Something we all deal with from time to time. I know I do.  So, check them out and  see if they an help you if you need help and if you don’t then maybe just visit for the heck of it.



This is a very interesting person with a very interesting background. She is religious, but not the type that is going to cram  her beliefs down your throat. She is thoughtful. Soft. A gentleness can be found in her words. Visit her. You won’t be disappointed.

Friday at the rifle range with Ted Kraft.

Went shooting yesterday. Did pretty good with my new Mossberg 308. For awhile Ted and I couldn’t figure out why we were migrating about the target at 200 yards when Ted discovered that the scope wasn’t screwed down completely tight from the factory. (Thanks factory!) I think the factory had the rifle zeroed in for 100 yards as we were shooting a bit low and to the left (then we discovered the scope was just loose enough to throw off the shots). When the 100 yard opened we moved over and settled down into tighter groups, not that our groups were that bad at 200, but they would have been better if the scope had been down completely tight and definitely became better after Ted located the problem and screwed the scope down tighter. 

Once at the 100 yard target we started hitting the bullseye. Ted nailed it dead center. Then it was my turn. I clipped the red at 12 , and then proceeded to hit in a group at 12.

Ted brought out his 308. What a sweet rifle and a scope that was great. I need to swap out the scope that came with my Mossberg with the scope Ted bought me last year. I left it in Florida like a dunce. Anyway, will be doing more shooting in Florida when I get back there.

Hey, I am used to firing with steel sights. I never shot with a scope before. My glasses kept getting in the way and so I know I need to wear my contacts in the future trips to the range and I need better ear plugs. The last time I was on a range shooting was 49 years ago. So, the fact that I was clipping the red and was grouping was pretty good I think with all that I was dealing with. I feel confident that a few more trips to the range and I’ll be back solid in the red at 100 and 200. Then I’m going to try the 3 the 5 and the 1,000 yard range in Manatee County. I would love to shoot with an M-14 again at 500 or a 1,000. I used to love to shoot and still do. Now I have the rifle I can use to go out and enjoy the range again. Thanks Jan, my darling wife, for buying it for me as a Christmas present. Best Christmas present ever except for the year you came into my life.

New Followers!

Wow, I keep having new people join and follow this blog. Incredible. It is keeping me busy with welcoming them this way by writing about them. But I am getting overrun! So, in this blog I  have to list several together. The first is a singer who has a strong Christian background. She has face health problems and writes about it on her blog. If you know of someone who is facing troubling issues then I suggest you visit her and see if she has the answers you or a friend seek. I don’t think you will be unhappy with what you learn from her experiences with life.

She writes: ” Kristeen Nicole Gillooly was born and raised in Philadelphia, which is where her soulful sound was grown from. Kristeen has been singing for as long as she can remember and she started writing her own songs at the age of eight. Influenced by the likes of Boyz II Men, Whitney Houston, Madonna, and Mariah Carey; she has always had a fondness for Pop, R & B, and ballads.” There is more on her pages and I invite you to go and read about her.


Next up we have a poet. Yep. Poets are cool in my book. Well, most are. This one is. His name is Bralowski. He hails from Falmouth, Cornwall. In  his about page he writes:

”  Poet. Short story writer. Screen writer. Musician. English with Creating Writing graduate. Studying a Masters in Professional Writing at Falmouth University. I’m a strong, independent vegetarian, and I don’t need no lamb.”

Remember that…. if you have him over for dinner, don’t offer him any lamb…. Note: I was a strict vegetarian for a lot of years and it was interesting, different, and, at times, frustrating to deal with some non-vegetarians who were, to say it lightly, assholes. It is not that a vegetarian can be one as well, but, oh well, I’m wandering here. So, go check out my new poet friend and see if he can enchant you with some of his poetry.


Next up: The Girl in the Little Black Dress!

This is a very cute site. She writes:

“Hi. I’m Natalie. I am 18. I like cats. Also peppermint tea, clear umbrellas, red daisies, funny socks, strawberry ice cream, walking barefoot through grass, and late night bubble baths.

Fashion is one of my most favoritest things in the world. Stay on my blog a little while if you so desire. Send me a message. Befriend me.

XO, The Girl in the Little Black Dress”

AND.. she is a poet! Or is that poetess. Anyway, she writes poetry. I came across a note from one of her followers saying she has written some really neat stuff.



Let’s see, do I have room for another? Of course I do! So, stay with me for a moment as I pull this all in. Remember, I’m in an RV in the middle of a pasture in slowly encroaching daylight and thankfully no rain on the horizon like yesterday when I thought we would find ourselves in the RV floating down the Flint River.

Adriana E writes in her Gravatar note  “I am an eclectic, inspired, creative, full of energy, everything is sunshine and rainbow, can always make you smile kind of person. My greatest joy comes from helping others see the world in a different light. When you shine, I shine and to me there’s nothing better.”

She is very inviting and lists a contact link for you to visit her.


Okay, I’m going for coffee. Chat later.

Addiction Place

My wife, Jan, has been working with nurses for a very long time who have addictions. No one is safe from such problems. I think we all have within us weaknesses that can be a lure for becoming addicted to any number of things. So, to look upon someone who has an addiction with disdain is, I think, wrong. I do think, at the same time, not liking what they are doing to themselves and to everyone around them is acceptable. We are all human. We all have our weaknesses. I like chocolate…who doesn’t, but there are some out there who would live in a candy bar factory if they could. Others are addicted to places, people, jobs, drink, drugs, on and on and on goes the list. In any case, I’d like to introduce you to a new follower of mine who addresses alcoholism and his fight with addiction. And, yes, I know several alcoholics. And, yes, I have it in my family as well.

Michael Lawrence Langan, M.D.

This is the second medical doctor that I am aware of who is following me. The first is PuppyDoc who has a wonderful site at:

I have found Dr. Langan’s site to be of interest because of several issues he is dealing with. He writes about suicide for one which, unless you live under a rock, has probably come closer to you than many would prefer. I know it has touched my life on several occasions: a brother, one of my students, two fellow students of mine, a Marine that was in my unit in Hawaii, another one there who I did not know. Dr. Langan addresses physician suicide. Hmmm, one would think…but wrongly…. depression can take down the strongest and most educated among us just as it can the weakest. Being human has its frailties just like life in all of its forms.


A Frank Look at Physician Suicide

Another physician and researcher who is on FaceBook and with whom I have corresponded (he used on of my poems on suicide) has also addressed suicide and the link between that and some medications. You might wish to visit his  page on FaceBook as well.  His name is Doug Bremner.


HO HO HO! Things I hate about Christmas #1

Here we go! Already “the famous people who died in 2014” has popped up! This will be followed by “remembering the departed” followed by “the famous who left us to grieve.” All crap. I don’t need to be reminded about who was famous who died last year. We have lost of people who died while in uniform that you never saw a photo of. 22 vets take their lives everyday in this country….do you ever see a photo of them? No. Do we have a recall of their deaths at the end of the year? No. Am I on a rant? Yes. Who is more valuable, the clown that sang on America’s got talent or the PFC that fell in Afghanistan running ammo to his buddies who were were tied down under fire. The people here kiss Whoopie Goldberg and that other fat broads ass on the View. They drool over the possibility of meeting some body making a ton of money due to their being followed and worshiped by this crowd when the real heroes are just down the street in and out of uniform, overseas, firemen, police, and others like that. Not some idiot like Snooki on some idiot show like Jersey Shores.


Holy freaking freeholes! (Or something to that effect.) Sitting in the RV in the pasture in the rain in a thunderstorm and looking out at the lake that is forming around us. Tornado warnings up. Flood warnings up. High wind advisories are up. Can’t see the cows, horses, or the alpacas. A large BOOOM just hit someplace nearby. Don’t know what it was. It didn’t sound like thunder. It sounded like something blew up.