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The Old Undead of Poets

The Old Undead of Poets
by Gordon Kuhn 12/12/14

And thus spake true the old undead of poets long forgot
as the grass they stood upon withered and the trees nearby did rot
for surely they had never ever thought
nor in this life had ever sought
the substance of less passion
for clearly was not their fashion
and this indeed was what left them freed
as the world about turned slowly to weed..

OMG I am a racist

Well, I woke up this morning to learn that I am a racist. Yesterday it was doubtful about that. The day before that I clearly was not. But somehow from then until now I became a racist. It isn’t that I have problems with race. I have problems with people who are just plain stupid and don’t have a clue about themselves, me, or the world in general and don’t even have an understanding of what the word “racist” actually means. They fail to trace history. They fail to understand the present. And, they obviously cannot predict the future possible direction this country is taking. They don’t understand politics, cannot tell you who the VP is, and one thinks that Obama is a basketball player. Oh my God! So, in light of that I am a racist. Dear me… I think I’ll go out and have a cup of coffee for punishment for my sins against humanity.