A physician is following me! Get out. No its true!

Okay, time to get serious, but this lady is not only serious, she has a great website. Plus I love the pics and the name, and she is into animals so you know she has to be cool.


(By the way I am listening to Passenger and my dog is barking at me because he and she …I have two of them…wants to go out. I thought I would just toss that in here for some unknown reason. My wife and I have two eleven year old Pyrenees. Each weighs in at 120 lbs.)

But back to Puppydoc, as she is known. Great nickname.

I like the site Phoebe. I really think you did a good job on it.

And, she’s a poet! ¬†She has multiple web pages and I think she must be a special person based on what I’ve read. So, I think this site is one you are going to want to visit. She also has contact info on there if you want to write her. Outstanding.



Sheila Sea

Ah ha… a poet! ¬†Great photo. Nice hair….kinda green I think. I think green is a good color. I’ve been thinking of dying mine green but I don’t think it will look as good on me as it does on her plus I have some very conservative friends and well…

Anyway, Sheila liked one of my posts, poor thing….and so I went and looked at what she was doing and she has some great poetry going on.


Like poetry? I hope you do. If you don’t it’s kinda like what are you doin’ here??? Know what I mean? Anyway, Sheila has a cool site and well worth your time and visit and then you can go back and make red velvet fudge things at the other one I posted.

Hey, anybody out there hungry????

Okay, time to get serious here. FOOD….not just ANY FOOD…..no… how about FUDGE BARS?????

Yeah, you got it… while you are hanging out here with me how about Red Velvet Fudge Bars???

Well, MINDOCR has the place for you to go and salivate.


Has pictures! I tried to copy. The component in my brain that allows me to understand the computer is turned off. So, you’ll just have to go to the site above and look at the pictures there.

Luke Otley

Well, this is an unusual find…..Luke Otley posts My Troubled Mind with art work. Interesting site. Has poetry! I am always drawn to poetry. I hate sugary poetry talking about birds in trees (unless they are being eaten by cats…..sorry, sick mind at work this morning) but that is not what Luke writes about. I’m not sure what Luke writes about. You are going to have to go and look yourself and then report back here, but no one ever reports back here so I’m safe. Anyway, Luke has an interesting site with cool drawings, poetry, and other stuff.


Book naming….your thoughts.

I am into naming a book for publication. It is now at over 400 pages and is about a career criminal on death row in Florida for a brutal murder of a woman he did not know. He beat her to death as she lay on the floor with duct tape holding her prisoner. He was a sexual deviant as well. The man started his career as a criminal as a youth. His first rape that I know of occurred when he was 14. He has spent the majority of his life in prison and now sits on death row in Florida.

I had named the book to be: Predator; The Man Who Didn’t Exist.

Someone suggested that they thought there was a better name than that for such a book, true crime, and narrative nonfiction.

So, I’m asking. Any suggestions?