A physician is following me! Get out. No its true!

Okay, time to get serious, but this lady is not only serious, she has a great website. Plus I love the pics and the name, and she is into animals so you know she has to be cool.


(By the way I am listening to Passenger and my dog is barking at me because he and she …I have two of them…wants to go out. I thought I would just toss that in here for some unknown reason. My wife and I have two eleven year old Pyrenees. Each weighs in at 120 lbs.)

But back to Puppydoc, as she is known. Great nickname.

I like the site Phoebe. I really think you did a good job on it.

And, she’s a poet!  She has multiple web pages and I think she must be a special person based on what I’ve read. So, I think this site is one you are going to want to visit. She also has contact info on there if you want to write her. Outstanding.



3 responses to “A physician is following me! Get out. No its true!”

  1. Wow! What an intro! 😀 Even makes me want to visit this ‘PuppyDoc’…and I am her! 😉

    In all seriousness, it’s so great how you take the time to introduce your followers. And I love your site! I’m really looking forward to exploring more!

    Take care, and wishing you the best this holiday season!



    1. It was my pleasure. I think you have a great site. I am going to have to explore it a bit more as I was really interested to find that you have picture/links to your other sites. As a writer I am trying to develop pathways for marketing and, of course, blogs like this happen to be one of them. I have a true crime narrative nonfiction that I am writing that I have now three years invested in. I have tried to get an agent, but no luck. So, I will self publish. My planned date will be June, 2015. Much to do between now and then.

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      1. That’s exciting! I will plan to get a copy, as it sounds like it will be very interesting read. I wish you the best as you get it published! 🙂


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