Sheila Sea

Ah ha… a poet!  Great photo. Nice hair….kinda green I think. I think green is a good color. I’ve been thinking of dying mine green but I don’t think it will look as good on me as it does on her plus I have some very conservative friends and well…

Anyway, Sheila liked one of my posts, poor thing….and so I went and looked at what she was doing and she has some great poetry going on.

Like poetry? I hope you do. If you don’t it’s kinda like what are you doin’ here??? Know what I mean? Anyway, Sheila has a cool site and well worth your time and visit and then you can go back and make red velvet fudge things at the other one I posted.

4 responses to “Sheila Sea”

  1. Haha, you are hilarious. It is in fact green, although I would say that it is more teal than green… DETAILS! I can’t thank you enough for your kind words.. Thanks for taking the time to read me! 😀


    1. Sheila, it was my pleasure to mention you on my blog. Green, yep, not really. I am just not up on color. I knew it was not really a green but my brain didn’t think of teal. Anyway, I like it. I think different colors in hair is really cool and wish I could do that but I can assure you it wouldn’t work. Matter-of-fact I just now remembered that I need a haircut. Will be going to Georgia next week and won’t be able to get one there. I think you have to have a relationship of some sort with someone who cuts your hair. I have gambled in the past and gone and gotten haircuts for $9.95 and I can assure you that afterwards I should have colored my hair teal to coverup the mess I had…… 😉

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      1. hahaha, you’ve given me a hearty laugh. I always forget how odd/rare my hair is.. and then its the first thing people notice! I supoose it would serve well to distract from terrible haircuts. Frankly, I use it as a diversion tactic, no one seems to notice my nose- which my brothers told me growing up- looks like a pepper. :/


  2. I think you have a fine nose. Childhood comments like that really leave scars. I am glad you can laugh at that. I wore glasses as a child so you would know I was called four-eyes. That got me into a few fights until I knocked another kid out cold and a trickle of blood ran out of his mouth…scared the crap out of me. I’ve always been afraid I would hurt someone in a fight since then and I’ve always taken care to avoid or limit my fighting skills when so involved. I had to have my nose operated on and straightened out due to its being broken in an auto accident. So, anyway, I think your nose is a nice nose and tell your brothers the next time they bring it up that they should be so lucky if they had a nose such as yours.


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