Well, I’ll be dogged, as a friend of mine used to say, it’s a landing page! No. He didn’t say it’s a landing page, he said, “I’ll be dogged.” That is kinda like, I’ll be darned, but it’s dogged is what he used to say instead of the word darned. I don’t know why, I guess because darned is kin to damned and he didn’t want to say that he’d be damned because that carries with it some serious connotations of sorts…you know.. hell and such and so it was better to just say, “I’ll be dogged.” I supposed that could mean he was dogged as a dog did something to him. I had a dog pee on my leg once. I suppose I could have said, “I’ll be dogged” when that happened. But I don’t think my friend would have said something like that at the time and all the time I was around him that never happened to him so I never got the chance to find out just what he might have said when he got pee’d on if he ever got pee’d on which I doubt. I think I just stood too long in one spot one day and the neighbors dog, who was blind, mistook me for a tree and slid up along side, hiked his leg, and let go a stream that would have made the closing up of the dead sea by Moses look puny.

Well, I digress. What we have here is a landing page for a teenage sci-fy book.


Very well-built, I must add.




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