Hey, try saying missophiablog really fast three times in a row.  Anyway, sorry, my mind was drifting there for a moment. Miss Sophia Blog is a blog that Miss Sophia started and you can find said blog with lots of neat stuff at:


There she writes: ” Hey! My name is Courtney, [wait..WAIT ..stop…didn’t she have her name listed as Miss Sophia?????? I mean if this is Miss Sophia’s blog she is writing about then it would be dereliction on my part to think that she was someone other than Miss Sophia…..I am so confused] I’m the writer and creator of Miss Sophia Blog [there ya go, she is deceptive, trying to confuse me and you]. I made this blog because I have a very strong passion for writing, beauty and fashion and I wanted to share it with the world and what better way to do that than start a blog.”

And she did start a blog…. kinda sounds like one of those movies for kids…..she did start one, by gum…. southern/western slant on it. I have no idea where that “by gum” was started, but it was and is and I thought I’d toss it in here just, well, just because she did start a blog…. Note, see how I got it back to the original place there. I read a book on the fact that it is a good idea to wrap the writer back around to a starting point and ..well, there you have it, by gum. So, my suggestion is that you, the reader, yep, you should go and take a look at what she did. I did and I like it so I think you would also.

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