Three in One

Okay, this is a three in one post. The following followers websites are fun to visit and most intertaining. I am listing them in a group because I am going nuts listening everyone separately.

1st one:  Words on a Blackboard. … I taught at USF and in one of the classes I used to teach I would always start the clss by asking them “What color is the blackboard?” And no one every got the answer right.  She writes:

No matter who we are and where we come from
We are all travellers in the same world
But then we live in worlds that we call our own
And we need words to make sense out of each


2nd one:

Lady has over 3,000 followers. Holy cats!

Has to do with arts, food, and travel…interesting. Lot of art. Kiln type art. I took an art course once in highschool….I flunked it.


3rd one:

This is a good transistions piece. Our military needs to be supported. Being a VN Vet and knowing first had what it is like to not be supported I think this is a great site.


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