Okay, well, Thoughtful Minds United……hmmm..interesting concept, great website. This is one of those places that is hard for me to describe. That doesn’t mean it isn’t valued. It is valued. It has a lot to offer BUT you have to go there yourselves and look and learn from what is there because of the complexity which, in reality, isn’t all that complex…but it is to a certain extent and so if I try and explain it I’m just going to screw it up. My interpretation will not be as accurate as yours.



Revelation Project 316

If you are seeking a religious experience, I would like to suggest that you visit the following site:


I think having a spiritual relationship with the creative forces that surround us at all times is important to us for a variety of reasons. Yet, I know that there are some of you who will grow cold at seeing this and even colder at visiting her site. But I think you are missing out on something much broader and more important than you would give credit to. In any event, I am not here to teach, preach, or annoy. I am here to share and share I shall.

Lauren Says it All — a photographer

Lauren is a photographer. She writes that she takes at least 50 photos a day. I’m lucky if I get to take 50 a year. One of my photos is the cover of The Widow’s Cliff and Other Poems. The heading for my page on Facebook I took. The picture of me sitting at a table in a restaurant was taken by a newspaper photographer. I think being able to take photos of people and places well must be an incredible ability. Anyway, she has her work posted and she welcomes visitors!





Tokono O. Uti

I seem to find myself drawing a crowd made up of individuals prone to address their feelings and emotions in a variety of ways. Their poetry is generally complex, not in terms of form or words, but in simplicity. I find that evident in the following site and I am sure you will as well. Much to think about there.