Fred Colton

If you are looking for commentary on a variety of issues than Fred is the person to check out. According to his “about Fred” page he is in S. Korea, but I don’t know why he is. He also claims to be “the worst selling author,” but I ‘d like to see some comparative statistics on that. How does he know that he’s the worst selling author?

He also has a problem with hate and calls America a police state. Hmmm. He states that he is upset because he only has four people who openly hate him. He thinks Hitler killed a lot of jews because of some hatred directed at him. Wow.

Well, I’m listing him here as he has listed himself on my blog as a follower. However, I disagree with his politics and his philosophy of life.

This is the first time I have ever found myself writing about someone on this blog that is so opposite of what I believe.  But to be fair as I do list others who follow me I am going to list his contact point.

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