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I’ve chosen to do a group entry. My reason is time management. In order to do one of these entries I will spend a bit of time. I know they don’t look like they should take a lot of time but I’m easily distracted and have many things going on. So, let me get with it here and introduce to all of my followers a group of new followers.

The first is We. See hope. Youthful, thoughtful, learning about life and wanting to share it. Don’t get freaked by the large banner at the top. Drop down below that and find out who this person is and I think you will come away realizing how close the nature of man can be the same no matter where the man or woman is living or at what age.


The next is: Bluemarlie.

” Bob Marley’s Progeny.
Poet, I suppose.
Humans are so tempo(rare)y
15 years young.”

Interesting! I wish she (I believe she is a she) had written more.


This next is

A poetess! She has a passion, a fire, and is about sharing her love for her art with the world… I understand that! I respect that. I will enjoy reading more about her (not that I don’t with everyone else….but this is a poetess and poetry is my love) and I hope you do the same.


This next one is both tragedy and strength in one. Tragedy in the face of a major illness and strength in how to face it. I’ll say no more, the author of the site speaks beautifully with no need of any addition from me:


I’ll be back to write some more, but that is all for now.

2 responses to “New Followers”

  1. Thank you so much for the mention, I really do appreciate it. I enjoyed reading the description. Thanks & Take Care…


    1. My pleasure! I enjoyed reading what you had posted on your site. There is a lot of maturity there. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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