Good Morning from Albany, GA in the Rain!!!

Woke up this morning and discovered that I have some new followers. If you are looking for a great smile and a lot of enthusiasm I suggest the following… Riley Carr!

I am not sure how to link to his web pages but maybe he will add a comment here that will tell us. I only have his Gravatar connection.


Next up!  Inperfectant…now that is a name worth exploring.

There is a video at that location. And the introduction is that the writer is …. elusive.  I love it.

The writer writes: ” This is an anonynous blog for me to vent out my human relationship frustrations. I am a girl with a mildly successful original blog and a collected life. However, I live in a place where human mistakes are considered deadly, and where people judge each other as a hobby, and condemn each other as a pastime…”

Very striking, very hard hitting in a way that I understand. I also have to say that I understand much of what I read on her pages there. Why? Well, my mind is my enemy too. And, perhaps I need an annoymous site as well because my writing is far too revealing of the underneath. Last night I told a story to a friend that I had never told before. One of those guy things where someone attacks you physically and I didn’t respond with beating the crap out of him. Years ago…..still haunts me with thoughts like, “Am I a coward for not defending myself?” But more to the truth, I knew that if I unleashed my anger that I would do everything in the world to kill him. But…you know…the mind continues to question. I just would like to tell it to shut up.

Anyway, welcome to my elusive girl writer friend may you find peace…. ooops, does that mean I am also codependent? YES? NO?

Well, I am but the wish is not that.

==================================== has links to several social sites.


Like the writer above, this site is intriquing. He is a writer with a lot of activity surrounding him because of his love for writing. Did all that make sense?  (It is raining harder outside now. Thunder. Dogs need to go out….just great. Recall the song It’s a rainy night in Georgia.” And I had a nightmare last night about being arrested and charged with a murder I did not commit and my codependecy self felt sorry for the prosecutor who was an asshole.) Anyway, back to this post…I think his site is a good place for anyone to visit and I think he will welcome you there. (More thunder…dogs trying to get under my desk…two Great Pyrenees who are both 120 lbs and can stand up and put their feet on my shoulders and touch their noses to mine…they go where they want to… LOL)

2 responses to “Good Morning from Albany, GA in the Rain!!!”

  1. Why, thank you for this introduction, Gordon! I hope you and your fine readers enjoy exploring the chaos of my head 🙂


    1. Chaos is an okay thing. Mine is generally roaming around in the same place. Hope you had a great Christmas.


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