I think this is an interesting site. She is a new follower of mine and she is a writer. I like writers. Maybe because I am a writer. Who knows. Plus, she has a nice photo up. (Now, before anyone writes me….I think every photo on gravator or is that gravater…. whatever….. I think every photo on it is great. I don’t take good photos.)

The point was, I like the photos on that site because you see the person. I like that. Some only have these square things there that to me don’t tell me much about the person. When you can look right at the person who the story is about I think that adds clarity. Anyway, I think she has a lot to share and I’m following her as well.

(Note it is pouring down rain here in a pasture in Georgia where my wife and I sit in an RV. Outside are horses, cows, and alpacas. Lots of thunder. Our dogs don’t like thunder. Trying to decide if we want to go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Hmmmm…. what to do?)

Well, while I wonder about that why don’t you go see damyanti? I think you will like her and what she writes about.



(A personal note to damyanti….. fiction is letting your mind float free…. you have the talent as a writer… now let your imagination join with your dedication as a writer, along with  your ability to analyze and structure a story come together. Make sense? I hope so.)


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