Haily Foglio

Another new follower. ” I hail from the nonexistent town of Salem, WI (though I’m currently attending grad school in WV). I am obsessed with pigs and John Green. Anything else you want to know you can find on my blog or my Facebook.”



I completely disagree with her position on the Mike Brown case. I have to ask: what of the grocer. What of justice for him? What of justice for all the business owners who lost their businesses because of assholes who destroyed them? My belief is when this type of shit happens the cops and fire department need to move out and let the trash live in what they have created. I also think that when someone breaks into a store and/or sets the thing on fire during a riot they should be shot and killed. Mike Brown was a strong arm robber. He picked up a grocer and tossed him around because he was twice the guys size. But, Hailey doesn’t even worry about him. No, she’s more concerned about the robber being shot and killed by a cop who had injuries from being assualted by the thief.

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