It’s Christmas Eve!

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HO HO HO! Things I hate about Christmas #1

Here we go! Already “the famous people who died in 2014” has popped up! This will be followed by “remembering the departed” followed by “the famous who left us to grieve.” All crap. I don’t need to be reminded about who was famous who died last year. We have lost of people who died while in uniform that you never saw a photo of. 22 vets take their lives everyday in this country….do you ever see a photo of them? No. Do we have a recall of their deaths at the end of the year? No. Am I on a rant? Yes. Who is more valuable, the clown that sang on America’s got talent or the PFC that fell in Afghanistan running ammo to his buddies who were were tied down under fire. The people here kiss Whoopie Goldberg and that other fat broads ass on the View. They drool over the possibility of meeting some body making a ton of money due to their being followed and worshiped by this crowd when the real heroes are just down the street in and out of uniform, overseas, firemen, police, and others like that. Not some idiot like Snooki on some idiot show like Jersey Shores.


Holy freaking freeholes! (Or something to that effect.) Sitting in the RV in the pasture in the rain in a thunderstorm and looking out at the lake that is forming around us. Tornado warnings up. Flood warnings up. High wind advisories are up. Can’t see the cows, horses, or the alpacas. A large BOOOM just hit someplace nearby. Don’t know what it was. It didn’t sound like thunder. It sounded like something blew up.

John White

John has over 3,000 followers.  So, he is doing something correctly obviously.  He writes:

“My name is JK White.  I’m a writer.  My goal is to send my humble words out into the world and find an audience that will enjoy what I write.  I hope to move someone within my lifetime.

This blog is both a journal of a personal journey as well as a repository of some of writing.  Thanks for visiting!”

I think he is doing a good job. Go see him at

Love and Olives.

Love and Olives writes that she is a ” dreamer. A daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend. A college English major turned full-time attorney, with a continuing passion for writing. In no way do I lead an extraordinary life with grand purpose. I am simply an everyday woman, transforming (or attempting to) my day-to-day adventures, experiences and thoughts into writing. This is my story and these are my words.”

Her blog has some interesting comments that made me stop and think back over my own life. I have been bullied and I have bullied. I think we all have been on both sides of that coin and may have not realized it at the time. The curious issue is, when I look back and think about events, I wonder to myself: why.

Why did I do that, write that, didn’t write that.? Why  was I an asshole? Why am I still, at times, an asshole? Why do I still do stupid things? Why am I sitting here asking myself these questions at 0130 listening to the rain pounding the earth outside? Who knows? I sure don’t.