Love and Olives.

Love and Olives writes that she is a ” dreamer. A daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend. A college English major turned full-time attorney, with a continuing passion for writing. In no way do I lead an extraordinary life with grand purpose. I am simply an everyday woman, transforming (or attempting to) my day-to-day adventures, experiences and thoughts into writing. This is my story and these are my words.”

Her blog has some interesting comments that made me stop and think back over my own life. I have been bullied and I have bullied. I think we all have been on both sides of that coin and may have not realized it at the time. The curious issue is, when I look back and think about events, I wonder to myself: why.

Why did I do that, write that, didn’t write that.? Why  was I an asshole? Why am I still, at times, an asshole? Why do I still do stupid things? Why am I sitting here asking myself these questions at 0130 listening to the rain pounding the earth outside? Who knows? I sure don’t.

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