Michael Lawrence Langan, M.D.

This is the second medical doctor that I am aware of who is following me. The first is PuppyDoc who has a wonderful site at:       http://phoebemd.com/

I have found Dr. Langan’s site to be of interest because of several issues he is dealing with. He writes about suicide for one which, unless you live under a rock, has probably come closer to you than many would prefer. I know it has touched my life on several occasions: a brother, one of my students, two fellow students of mine, a Marine that was in my unit in Hawaii, another one there who I did not know. Dr. Langan addresses physician suicide. Hmmm, one would think…but wrongly…. depression can take down the strongest and most educated among us just as it can the weakest. Being human has its frailties just like life in all of its forms.



Another physician and researcher who is on FaceBook and with whom I have corresponded (he used on of my poems on suicide) has also addressed suicide and the link between that and some medications. You might wish to visit his  page on FaceBook as well.  His name is Doug Bremner.


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