Friday at the rifle range with Ted Kraft.

Went shooting yesterday. Did pretty good with my new Mossberg 308. For awhile Ted and I couldn’t figure out why we were migrating about the target at 200 yards when Ted discovered that the scope wasn’t screwed down completely tight from the factory. (Thanks factory!) I think the factory had the rifle zeroed in for 100 yards as we were shooting a bit low and to the left (then we discovered the scope was just loose enough to throw off the shots). When the 100 yard opened we moved over and settled down into tighter groups, not that our groups were that bad at 200, but they would have been better if the scope had been down completely tight and definitely became better after Ted located the problem and screwed the scope down tighter. 

Once at the 100 yard target we started hitting the bullseye. Ted nailed it dead center. Then it was my turn. I clipped the red at 12 , and then proceeded to hit in a group at 12.

Ted brought out his 308. What a sweet rifle and a scope that was great. I need to swap out the scope that came with my Mossberg with the scope Ted bought me last year. I left it in Florida like a dunce. Anyway, will be doing more shooting in Florida when I get back there.

Hey, I am used to firing with steel sights. I never shot with a scope before. My glasses kept getting in the way and so I know I need to wear my contacts in the future trips to the range and I need better ear plugs. The last time I was on a range shooting was 49 years ago. So, the fact that I was clipping the red and was grouping was pretty good I think with all that I was dealing with. I feel confident that a few more trips to the range and I’ll be back solid in the red at 100 and 200. Then I’m going to try the 3 the 5 and the 1,000 yard range in Manatee County. I would love to shoot with an M-14 again at 500 or a 1,000. I used to love to shoot and still do. Now I have the rifle I can use to go out and enjoy the range again. Thanks Jan, my darling wife, for buying it for me as a Christmas present. Best Christmas present ever except for the year you came into my life.

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