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Good morning everyone. I’ve been busy and not had the time to post anything lately. So, thought I’d start off by introducing Keven J. Hotter. Kevin is following me and he is an attorney AS WELL AS a writer, and a standup comedian. You have to check the guy out on his “about” page first:

and then go to his other pages at:

In fatherhood he writes about his 18 month old daughter and taking her to see a beach at Malibu. Very cute. Lucky guy.

The Christmas Party at the St. Pete Vet Center

It was several weeks back when the VA Vet Center in St. Pete, FL had its annual Christmas Party. It is a good time for fellowship and free food, music, and just having a good time among people who understand. It is also a time to meet people of various ages who, like myself, are veterans. This time was no different from those in the past.

I have to admit that I don’t like being around a lot of people. I feel uncomfortable. I like being able to know I have a wall behind me, or, at least, someone who I trust being able to watch my 6 while I keep an eye on theirs. And, even though some would argue that they disagree with me (but I know me better than they do) I would rather slip off and just be me by myself sitting in the woods someplace.

This time, at this party, I had made the rounds and had unsuccessfully tried to avoid a few people who managed to get me into conversations when all I wanted to do was drink my soda pop and leave when I was introduced to a man who was, like me, a United States Marine. But, he was WW II. I am Vietnam.

Even so, we are brothers! We are family.

We sat and talked for at least a half an hour and then I had to go and besides they were removing the tables, had cut off the music, and had taken in most of the food.

We talked of things that you and I can never share because… well, because….

But, regardless that this man was old enough to be my father, we shared common ground, common memories (different and yet common) and different but common ghosts.

He respected me and I respected him. We sat and drank cold coffee and ate some cookies and just enjoyed each others company. He was a brother. He was family.

When I left, I left him eating a few more cookies and I secretly wished that I could have sat and talked a few more hours as I know that those like him are slipping away, just like the Korean Vets and my group. But we had shared the time together and came away both richer for it. I told him he was a hero to me and he told me that I was to him.

That all may seem strange to some, but not to him and me.

Perhaps I will get the chance to see him again, my older brother, my fellow United States Marine, my friend from another war who understands me as I understand him. I hope so.


Aurorawatcherak is really Lela Markham in disguise. She is someone with strong beliefs but not to the extent that she will not carry on a discussion. She grew up in a family with her father being liberal and her mother conservative and so she listened and she learned from both.

She writes about herself: ” I’ve “evolved” politically as I’ve grown spiritually and intellectually. In other words, I think and I learn.”

You can learn much more about her at:


You can find some interesting reading there.

And then there is this:

Okay, so that ought to keep you  busy and off the streets for …hmmm….. a few hours or days.

Adam Grieve

Adam Grieve is a bit of a reflection of us all. He is a real person and yet he writes and has art work that reveal a darker side that most will not address. It is a bit confusing to visit his page:

But then……

and then we have……..

Okay, well, you go look as this is something that needs to be viewed on an individual basis.

New Follower: CaseyJones89

Casey Writes:

“I like to write. To observe human nature. To envision what the future might hold. Fingers crossed for immortality and friendly dragons capable of both speech and interstellar travel.”

He writes poetry. They are short bursts of energy. Interesting. Each similar and each different. Worth your view and comment upone. 🙂


Read with me: Spring 2015 reading list

Write on the World

Two of the books on my reading list I just barely managed to get these two books purchased in time to get my reading done for class this week. I’m planning to get the rest of my books from the library as I need them. Seriously, who can afford to actually buy books?

This semester, I am taking a graduate-level course in women’s life writing in an attempt to generate blog post ideas. I’ve found that I write more when I’m taking classes, so my plan is to just continually take classes for the rest of my life whether I need any more degrees or not. It’s lucky I recently landed a full-time civil servant position at a state university where one of the benefits is free tuition!

It’s also too bad you can’t eat tuition, but that’s another blog post entirely.

Since I’ll probably end up discussing some of the books we’re reading for class this…

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those who are…HAUNTED… by MEMORIES.

Kevin Hotter

"The Dude" “The Dude”

This morning, I was driving up a mountain road to go for a hike. Then, I saw this dude (pictured above) just strolling along merrily next to my car.

I had to stop. And just stare at this magnificent creature for a moment.

We briefly locked eyes. I have no idea what he was thinking. (Maybe – “why is this human eyeballing me?”) But…who knows.

A few hours later, I met a new blogger friend.  He served as a Marine in the Vietnam War. I told him that I was grateful for his sacrifice, and that he is appreciated. He thanked me, and told me that he is still haunted by the memories of that horrible experience.

That got to me thinking of how many people have had to endure such painful experiences…. that the memories still haunt them… daily … decades later.

My heart dropped when I heard him say that. I…

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Tamara Metrowich

A Cape Town, S. Africa lass!

She writes on her “About Page”

“I’m a communications specialist, radio presenter, fashion & beauty blogger, adventurer, student of life and of course my mom’s favourite kid. I live in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa and have a keen interest in all things fashion and (inner andouter) beauty related.”

She is on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook if you want to connect to her.

She is deeply interested in fashion as she makes note on her page: