New Followers: Manny Rutenel & Cloudthinker

Manny is a new follower. He is a college student at University of Florida in Gainesville. He says he’s a Vegan, he likes blondes (my observation based on his photo) a liberal….NO MANNY tell me it isn’t so….and a what? a utilitarian …… Manny you cannot be both liberal and a utilitarian. They don’t go together.


Mindless Floyd likes to write questionable comments in his blog that actually make sense even though he claims they don’t. Visit him and see for yourself while I hope you are praying for Manny that he will repent and convert to being a conservative, especially Manny because being a utilitarian is being a conservative. What are they teaching you at U of F……?

January 4, 2015

Well, here we are in January. It is the 4th. Next week we will be halfway thru January…….how depressing.

I picked up a pizza tonight from a new place. I’m sorry, I am a Pizza Hut fan. I don’t like thin. I like thick. I like lots of cheese, not a hint. I like a fair amount of meat, onions, green peppers, black olives on my pizza. I hate anchovies. I dislike ordering pizza on-line. Why can’t I just call? I don’t like using a debit card. Can I pay cash when I get there? ¬†Good grief.

I am thinking of going back and rewriting The Pelman Murders and putting in a few scenes some friends said were a bit… you know… blunt! But, maybe that is just my way of not getting into finishing mode on Predator.

I have other stuff I am working on too. God help me. I am having problems now with my legs from sitting to long. I will many times fall asleep while working and be in the chair for 6 plus hours. Not good.

Tomorrow I’m going to the gym.

I am studying for my general HAM license as well.