January 4, 2015

Well, here we are in January. It is the 4th. Next week we will be halfway thru January…….how depressing.

I picked up a pizza tonight from a new place. I’m sorry, I am a Pizza Hut fan. I don’t like thin. I like thick. I like lots of cheese, not a hint. I like a fair amount of meat, onions, green peppers, black olives on my pizza. I hate anchovies. I dislike ordering pizza on-line. Why can’t I just call? I don’t like using a debit card. Can I pay cash when I get there?  Good grief.

I am thinking of going back and rewriting The Pelman Murders and putting in a few scenes some friends said were a bit… you know… blunt! But, maybe that is just my way of not getting into finishing mode on Predator.

I have other stuff I am working on too. God help me. I am having problems now with my legs from sitting to long. I will many times fall asleep while working and be in the chair for 6 plus hours. Not good.

Tomorrow I’m going to the gym.

I am studying for my general HAM license as well.

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