Sunday 2200 hours.

Hey! Here I am bouncing back and forth between this page, comments made by several folks that totally blew me away, and the book in progress: Predator, The Man Who Didn’t Exist. I will be happy when that project is completed. I keep telling everyone it is hard writing this book and it is.

I am sure everyone thinks it should be a snap, after all I have so much data to pull from. But, that is the problem. I have too much data. I need to dump some of it simply because I cannot think of how to approach the schools and the kids.  I want to let the story tell itself. Nevertheless, there is just so much data that I am finding myself overwhelmed. In retaliation I am finding myself writing poetry, hanging out on FB and several other places.

K. L Register a writer!

It is 0500 and I am sitting here listening to Lindsey Stirling the violinist and I see that K. L Register liked My Books page on my blog and then connected to follow.

She writes on her About Page about herself: ” Bio: Welcome to the blog of a fun-loving farm girl, chemist, and dentist who hates the taste of macaroni and cheese, but loves the taste of spaghetti. Based upon my own unique personal experiences, I created this website to inspire you to be your very best self and to encourage you to follow your dreams. I believe every victory and every defeat allows you to become a stronger person, a wiser person, and a better person. So sit back and relax, grab some popcorn and a blanket, and let’s begin our journey in to our “The Ninth Life.” With Love, K. L.”

That site is:

from there you can go to:

You will find some fantastic writing there. I think my readers will like what they find there and will follow you. I connected and hope to read more of your writing.

Just a personal note: My wife and I were near Savannah, Georgia over Christmas week. We own Alpacas and keep them at a friends farm in Albany, GA. Good lord we like to froze in our RV! Had ice on the windshield of my truck. And rain… every time we go to Georgia it rains on us and our dogs go out in the field and come back filthy dirty.

Anyway, thanks for visiting and liking my books page.

Hello to Polomi in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Polomi… what would you like for me to say about you. Actually, I like what you wrote about yourself….

” I love to write, I can spend my whole day writing. It’s something that consoles me in the midst of my loneliness and despairs. I don’t care if I can write good or not, but there’s something in me that does not want me to stop.”

That says a lot about who you are. I have never met a person from Bangladesh. I understand it is a very dangerous place. Anyway, one writer to another, enjoy life, live life, be life, share life, love life, and, most importantly, love those around you!

To my readers, if you wish to visit and meet Polomi, you can do so at:

and you can email her at:        

Good luck in your writing Polomi! Thanks for visiting my blog and for writing to me.

Two New Followers: Russell Deasley & Jinx Shadylane

I would like to welcome two new followers: Russell Deasley & Jinx Shadylane. I will begin with Russell. He has a sneaky way of inviting a person to visit his blog…..but his blog is pretty neat because it is about the Top Ten of just about everything and anything you can think of……you know those things that pop up on AOL with the words: The Top Ten …..blah, blah, blah?  Well, you can go to his site and see blah, blah, blah….and he has some pretty interesting blah, blah, blahs there. You can find him at ………………                        


Next up is Jinx Shadylane….. what an interesting name. It kinda invites you to stop, think, and then you know you just have to go and take a look. Right? Right. So, I did. Oh, by the way, my wife and I bought a new chair for me today. It is electric. More on that later. Back to Jinx. Well, first off, you can go visit her at:

& at

which is a very interesting site….I added “very” which makes “interesting” more interesting, like Jinx’s blog. How could it not be interesting with a name like her name. I think she is a free flow writer similar to the way I write. I just write. Love me, hate me, follow me, unfollow me, friend me or not on Face Book, I will still write this way, or, is it that way…. I don’t know, but go visit her and read about the people she writes about and the places and things that surround her.