K. L Register a writer!

It is 0500 and I am sitting here listening to Lindsey Stirling the violinist and I see that K. L Register liked My Books page on my blog and then connected to follow.

She writes on her About Page about herself: ” Bio: Welcome to the blog of a fun-loving farm girl, chemist, and dentist who hates the taste of macaroni and cheese, but loves the taste of spaghetti. Based upon my own unique personal experiences, I created this website to inspire you to be your very best self and to encourage you to follow your dreams. I believe every victory and every defeat allows you to become a stronger person, a wiser person, and a better person. So sit back and relax, grab some popcorn and a blanket, and let’s begin our journey in to our “The Ninth Life.” With Love, K. L.”

That site is: https://klregister.wordpress.com/about/

from there you can go to:


You will find some fantastic writing there. I think my readers will like what they find there and will follow you. I connected and hope to read more of your writing.

Just a personal note: My wife and I were near Savannah, Georgia over Christmas week. We own Alpacas and keep them at a friends farm in Albany, GA. Good lord we like to froze in our RV! Had ice on the windshield of my truck. And rain… every time we go to Georgia it rains on us and our dogs go out in the field and come back filthy dirty.

Anyway, thanks for visiting and liking my books page.

3 responses to “K. L Register a writer!”

  1. Hi Gordon! I really enjoyed reading your page. I love the way, you write. I can hear your voice while reading your work. Anyways, I just wanted to personally say, “Thank You” for stopping by my page, for such a kind write up, and for sharing my poem. You made a good day, a great day! I look forward to reading more of your work and learning more about each of your followers. Thanks, once again! 🙂


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