Two New Followers: Russell Deasley & Jinx Shadylane

I would like to welcome two new followers: Russell Deasley & Jinx Shadylane. I will begin with Russell. He has a sneaky way of inviting a person to visit his blog…..but his blog is pretty neat because it is about the Top Ten of just about everything and anything you can think of……you know those things that pop up on AOL with the words: The Top Ten …..blah, blah, blah?  Well, you can go to his site and see blah, blah, blah….and he has some pretty interesting blah, blah, blahs there. You can find him at ………………                        


Next up is Jinx Shadylane….. what an interesting name. It kinda invites you to stop, think, and then you know you just have to go and take a look. Right? Right. So, I did. Oh, by the way, my wife and I bought a new chair for me today. It is electric. More on that later. Back to Jinx. Well, first off, you can go visit her at:

& at

which is a very interesting site….I added “very” which makes “interesting” more interesting, like Jinx’s blog. How could it not be interesting with a name like her name. I think she is a free flow writer similar to the way I write. I just write. Love me, hate me, follow me, unfollow me, friend me or not on Face Book, I will still write this way, or, is it that way…. I don’t know, but go visit her and read about the people she writes about and the places and things that surround her.

2 responses to “Two New Followers: Russell Deasley & Jinx Shadylane”

  1. I was surfing by the ‘blogging’ tag to find some interesting posts to read and then the first one to appear was yours. The title made me think to myself, ‘Ok, has he really written about his new followers?’.. And then I had to click ‘Read more’ to find what have you written about them. Wow I am totally amazed to see that you actually took the time to write about so many of your followers! It was interesting to read those too. I wonder what you would write about me if I followed you 😉


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