Carminatimotheum……say what?

Carminatimotheum…an interesting mix of names for a young “17 years old” who claims to be “truly delusional” youth who is “trapped” in his “own truth.” Hmm. very deep for a 17 year old, but perhaps not. He has a lot of poetic thoughts located at:

Recommendation? Do I need to say go and see what he has written? I think not.

On a side note, I thought how interesting when this writer, carminatimotheum, writes his poetry and messages his views on life that another writer comes forward with such clarity as does K. L. Register writes:

“We live,
We live in a world
in which sometimes it seems as if
we just don’t understand…”

(See the Ninth Life: for the full version of her poem.)

So, what is it that you and I and carminatimotheum don’t understand? Well, for me it is a lot more than we have time to discuss here. I constantly…well, much of the time…question why I made the choices in life that I did and regret many of those as being poorly made and without any directional help from anyone or …. yes, … anything. I returned from Vietnam a bag of confused and damaged goods and drank to drown the pain. Oh well, enough, my thoughts lead me astray and this is as far as I am going with this.

I only brought this up as carminatimotheum (hey I am getting good at writing that name without looking back to see how it is spelled…probably got it wrong) posted some interesting things that I think K L Register addresses and, perhaps, should be viewed in the same context.

Oh good grief, I am getting philosophical here. I just recalled my year 16 and 17 but we won’t go there at all…. nope..Goodnight Mrs. Callabash wherever you are!


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