Found! A part time Unicorn! Sara C Roethle

Did I just write that I had found a part-time Unicorn? Yep. At least that is what Sara C. Roethle has said about herself. She said that she is a writer (she lists her books by the way…nice covers Sara! good line up). She is in the young adult horror category. Damn, maybe that is where I should try to  put something as she is doing very well. She has 6 books listed.

Her site?                 

and then there is:

So, hey, if you a young adult who is into horror then tag on to her and see if she has written something appealing to you. I am not a young adult, but I do like horror stories so I may slip in and buy something from her but I just won’t mention my age.

One response to “Found! A part time Unicorn! Sara C Roethle”

  1. Hey thanks for the mention! 😀


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