Okay, time for a commercial. If you watch tv or listen to the radio you have to listen to commercials. This is mine. I have another blog….well, I have several blogs because I am a confused person without any direction but…oh what the hell…..I am trying to sell books, okay, my books, ….autographed and mailed directly to you with a little thank you note tucked inside. Where can you order these incredible gifts of brilliance that you must get before someone else on the block where you live does…be the first!!! … yes, so where can you find them AND the reviews, I have gotten great reviews on Amazon and Good Reads and other places…so, where oh where can you get the books and share in the radiance of great writing? You can go to my other blog:


There you will find three books for sale. Two of them are poetry and the third is a murder mystery about an incredible family filled with lunatics. Anyway, well worth the money.

You will also find a blog there that has captivating articles and poetry like the following verses (my copyright):

The Old Undead of Poets

And thus spake true, the old undead of poets long forgot
As the grass they stood upon withered and the trees nearby did rot
For surely they had never ever thought
Nor in this life had ever sought
The substance of less passion
For clearly was not their fashion
And this indeed was what left them freed
As the world about turned slowly to withered weed.

Copyright Gordon Kuhn, Poet in the Rain, December 12, 2014

Pretty cool, huh? You betchasweetbuttbuddy!

Hey! And while you are there, don’t forget I am finishing a narrative nonfiction about a serial killer in Florida. If you like crime books (or don’t like them) you will love this upcoming book. I will be taking orders in advance in a month or so. So, keep an eye out on this blog…remember, you heard it first hear!


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