Something different.

I found this on my AOL page today. It was a link that was a sneaky lead, you know the type, the ones that only share part way about what is really there. Like the photos that say, you should see the other side of this because it is truly horrible. Anyway, I decided to go and look and I found this:

I think it is the proper thing to recognize that who you are is not dependent upon who I am or what I think you should be or do in your life. I am comfortable in my sexuality as a man who loves women. I am comfortable in being around men who love men. They do not intimidate me or in any way make me feel ill at ease to be around them. Well, with the exception of being hugged by one of them… no, that is a private joke between someone I know who has had a long-term relationship with another man and who walked up and hugged me at a party his BMF had for him. He was simply glad to see my wife and I there. I care for him as a friend and was not uncomfortable with his hugging me. For that matter, it is not unusual for Vietnam Vets to hug one another. We only had one another. Our country had turned against us. When you are 18, 19, 20, even 21 or 22 I think to find your country just suddenly decided you were or are a baby killer and the  people back home are spitting on you that you tend to have to turn to those who kept you alive and so we hug one another and it is an okay thing to do. It is also okay for someone like the person in the story here to be transgender. It is who they are and I support that right and if you don’t, well I feel sorry for you because you are missing out on your own growth as a human being… a caring and excepting human being.  Jesus said, “Judge not lest you be judged.” I’ve thought about that comment a lot throughout my life. Judge not lest you be judged. No one wants to be judged or made the butt of jokes. Judge not lest you be judged. Six simple words that can make such a big difference in not only your life but that of someone else. So, click on the link. Be who you are and let others be who they are.

Good morning to Rareity & rubenarribas

Good morning again! Anyway, this time I am writing to make note of two followers. The first is a writer that writes her “blog is built on a series of different writing styles such as; creative writing, poetry, free writes, writing prompts, short stories, and fictional tales.  Grab your cup of tea/coffee. Sit down, get cozy, and enjoy visions of a rare world.”

With 779 followers I would definitely say she is doing something right there. I like her lead: “grab a cup of tea/coffee. Sit down, get cozy, and enjoy visions of a rare world.”

How much more inviting can you be? Anyway, go and visit and make not of all that is there. What wonders we all have to share with one another. Don’t you think so?


Ah, a Spanish traveler

well, that is what he says at the address above and I have no need to doubt that about him. His is a happy site with lots of interesting pictures and comments. You are gonna like it, trust me.


Well, that about wraps it up for now. I have to get going. I have yet to drink my coffee. I did get the dogs out. I did spend some time on the HAM radio talking to friends here and there. Now I have got to get to work. I need to produce another chapter in Predator. I have to get this book done!!!!!!

Tuesday 1/13/15 0800

Good morning world! I just took the garbage out, took the dogs out, talked to a friend on the radio, and looked at my email, checked out Face Book, posted a few things, erased a few things (kinda….does it matter? and the answer is NO… not for the most part).

Anyway, I have picked up more followers overnight here and will need to recognize them after I visit their blogs. I have only had a few that I have completely disagreed with. But, I have noted them and allowed their info to be available. I don’t play traffic cop. Well, I try to not be a traffic cop. I think we all are at times when we need to be. I am not going to allow or support something on here that I think is damaging to others. Okay, well, I am going for coffee.

One last comment: France is no longer French. It has allowed itself to slip into a dungeon of socialism and Muslim enclaves where the French police are not allowed and French law is not practiced. We fought two wars to get the French free and they blew it after WW I and now they have done it again following WW II. Sad fact is that so many American lives were lost freeing them from the Germans in WW I and in WW II and we sit here and watch them self destruct and, you know something, there are forces at work right here in the country to do exactly as the French have done. Socialism is cancer on a national scale, just like communism. Gun free zones invite criminals in. Taking guns away from the citizens is national suicide.