Tuesday 1/13/15 0800

Good morning world! I just took the garbage out, took the dogs out, talked to a friend on the radio, and looked at my email, checked out Face Book, posted a few things, erased a few things (kinda….does it matter? and the answer is NO… not for the most part).

Anyway, I have picked up more followers overnight here and will need to recognize them after I visit their blogs. I have only had a few that I have completely disagreed with. But, I have noted them and allowed their info to be available. I don’t play traffic cop. Well, I try to not be a traffic cop. I think we all are at times when we need to be. I am not going to allow or support something on here that I think is damaging to others. Okay, well, I am going for coffee.

One last comment: France is no longer French. It has allowed itself to slip into a dungeon of socialism and Muslim enclaves where the French police are not allowed and French law is not practiced. We fought two wars to get the French free and they blew it after WW I and now they have done it again following WW II. Sad fact is that so many American lives were lost freeing them from the Germans in WW I and in WW II and we sit here and watch them self destruct and, you know something, there are forces at work right here in the country to do exactly as the French have done. Socialism is cancer on a national scale, just like communism. Gun free zones invite criminals in. Taking guns away from the citizens is national suicide.

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