those who are…HAUNTED… by MEMORIES.

Kevin Hotter

"The Dude" “The Dude”

This morning, I was driving up a mountain road to go for a hike. Then, I saw this dude (pictured above) just strolling along merrily next to my car.

I had to stop. And just stare at this magnificent creature for a moment.

We briefly locked eyes. I have no idea what he was thinking. (Maybe – “why is this human eyeballing me?”) But…who knows.

A few hours later, I met a new blogger friend.  He served as a Marine in the Vietnam War. I told him that I was grateful for his sacrifice, and that he is appreciated. He thanked me, and told me that he is still haunted by the memories of that horrible experience.

That got to me thinking of how many people have had to endure such painful experiences…. that the memories still haunt them… daily … decades later.

My heart dropped when I heard him say that. I…

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Tamara Metrowich

A Cape Town, S. Africa lass!

She writes on her “About Page”

“I’m a communications specialist, radio presenter, fashion & beauty blogger, adventurer, student of life and of course my mom’s favourite kid. I live in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa and have a keen interest in all things fashion and (inner andouter) beauty related.”

She is on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook if you want to connect to her.

She is deeply interested in fashion as she makes note on her page:




0530 1/14/15 New Follower Report

First up is Kevin J. Hotter. Good morning Kevin and thanks for the follow and the like. So, you are a writer and an attorney. I have had some good relationships with attorneys and I have had some bad relationships. The good ones were generally very good and the bad….well, let’s just say my eyes were opened and I was shocked to find what I did. Anyway, this isn’t about me, it is about you.

I like what I found on your “About” link. I think you did a good job of introducing yourself. I am sure that anyone who visits there is going to want to move to

SIBLINGS…who invited them to the party!?

I could say a few things about my siblings but I won’t. From that post you should move to

…a FRIEND…through the YEARS

I think that is a great post about friendship. I have friendships that go back further than yours, Kevin, and I can tell you I have rich memories because of them. I also have recent friendships that I truly honor, but those born in war cannot be, and should never be, forgotten.

In any case, Kevin writes with passion and I invite you to visit his pages as I think you will like them. I know I did. And thanks Kevin for liking mine and for following mine as I am going to do for yours.


Next up is vrakesh83 at:


When you visit you will find sketches there, lots of sketches and it appears that is all, but there is more to the site than just drawing. If nothing else it will draw you out (no pun intended) and make you consider somethings about life that you might not have thought about if you had never been at his pages. So, go, experience, tell him I sent you, and enjoy his work.


Next up is:

This is, I believe, a very serious blog!

I think the author has done a good job with the format. It draws you in. Poetry is absolutely fantastic. You need to visit it. If you like poetry. If you like a visual mix than you will not be disappointed. Very well written and structured site. It is one that needs visiting to appreciate.


Next up is: Fia Essen who says they are a “lifelong expat and mum to a Yorkie.” That made me laugh. I’ve never owned a Yorkie but I know some who have and they are great fun.

Fia writes that she is a writer, a dreamer, a walker, and she drinks coffee. Hey, anybody that fits that list has got to be interesting and she is. She issues a challenge for writers on her page and has a newsletter as well. She is well-travelled and very interesting.

Thanks for visiting me Fia. I like your posts.


Okay, I think I can get one more in here before I drop dead from lack of coffee, so here goes.

Jayshree Sridhar from India.

She is a talented artist who has a blog where she can express and share her “ideas and fantasies regarding dresses and wardrobes.”

She has a great photo of herself there (I forgot to mention that Kevin Hotter also has a great photo up) and an interesting opening to her site and contact info (which Fia Essen also does a good job too).

So, if you are interested in fashion then this is an excellent site to visit.

I think your artwork is incredible! Thank you so much for the links. I’ve enjoyed visiting them. And, thanks for visiting me as well!