How An Angel Changed My Love Life

I think this is a beautiful entry. Because of that I had to reblog it. I hope that all my readers enjoy the insight and wisdom in this short piece as much as I have. Thanks, Dr. Register for sharing.

9 responses to “How An Angel Changed My Love Life”

  1. Once again, thank you so very much for sharing my work Gordon! You are too too kind! Hope you enjoyed your day! Smile! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I don’t think I am too kind. I think you have a lot of wisdom to share and I am supportive of that. You have a lot of maturity in your thoughts, the ability to reach goals, talent, wisdom, the obvious desire to reach out to to others with a guiding hand and, to be honest, I am envious of you.

    When I say that I am saying it with respect. What you have accomplished in life should be respected and I mean that with all sincerety. When I wrote that I was envious of you I simply meant that it is again respect that I feel for you. So many people do not grow in life. I have many regrets and have learned a great deal over the years that I believe I should have known as a younger man. I try my best to guide younger people that I have contact with. Some listen. Some don’t. I wish I had had a mentor as a young man. I did, but for a very short period of time. He was a Sergeant in the Marines when I was a PFC and I would have followed him into hell and back, but he left the Corps and joined the Army because he had a family and the Army offered him more opportunities for growth and pay. It was a major loss to the Corps and to me. You obviously have had people around you who supported you and helped you. I look back and find only that one man and I wish I knew where he was but too many years have passed. Anyway, that is what I meant.


  3. Thank you Gordon for being so supportive. I completely understand what you mean. And, I greatly appreciate what you have written. Over the past few days, my mind reflected on what you have said. I have worked very hard throughout my life, but I can’t take all of the credit. I have had excellent mentors along the way. People who wouldn’t let me take the easy way out when I wanted to. One of those people happened to be my mom. She has always been very supportive and has encouraged me when I didn’t think I could make it any further. She has been there with me through the smiles and the tears. I am very grateful for her. It is my hope to some day write a book that may help others, just as others have helped me along the way.


    1. You have been fortunate and blessed by having people around you who cared enough to guide and protect you. I don’t think that most people realize just how much their actions can impact those around them, particularly a child. I like the idea of a book that can reach out to those who will learn from you. Even so, I am sure you connect with people now, particularly those younger, and that you are a role model for more than you probably would know.

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      1. I can say the same about you Gordon. I enjoy reading your post. And I am sure you connect with and are a role model for more than you know as well. I appreciate the advice and support that you have given me in just the short amount of time that we have know each other. I imagine there are others who feel the same way that I do. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Thank you. I hope so. I try because I know that my life would have been much different had I not been just blowing in the wind, so to speak. I try to speak from experience to those who might benefit from what I say. At the same time, I am extremely codependent and, realizing that, have to be careful that I might be exerting more energy than those I am trying to help. Plus there is always the problem of sticking your nose in where it isn’t wanted. Been there and done that and have the bruises to show for it……LOL ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  5. Well, I don’t mind your help, advice, or thoughts! ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Well, thank you. And, I believe the same in return. I have learned a lot while reading through your posts. I just reblogged the one about: “Yep, they said it!”

    I hope you have a great day. It is cold and rainy here. I have much to do: taxes, painting grout lines, painting the house outside, painting the house inside, and trying to finish Predator: The Man Who Didn’t Exist which I may change the name of to something more fitting….don’t know.

    Also: my direct email address is…..


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