Predator: The Man Who Didn’t Exist

Struggling with a section of the book at 447 pages. Simply said, so much data. At the point in the story I am writing, Delmer Smith is in the Pinellas County Jail. He has violated his federal parole and discovered that doing that really makes United States Marshalls upset. (I just had a flashback to the TV Series Gunsmoke where Matt Dillon shoots a guy down who drew on him.) Pinellas County jail is the only jail close nearby that is set up to hold Federal Prisoners. Why that is I don’t know. I thought a jail was a jail was a jail…..but guess not.

Anyway, The Prosecution wants the jury to focus on 7 key items and one of Delmer’s girlfriends has them in her possession, although she doesn’t know that.

So, to present all 7 items in a sensible way means each has to have a separate chapter. That is where I am at, trying to separate them out and tell each items story. Sounds simple…yes? It isn’t.

Story Medic

Okay, well, here’s an interesting personality: Story Medic. His “about page” on Gravatar says he lives with a friend and a rabbit in a log cabin. How cool is that? He says they have a can of drinking chocolate between them.

He says he is a writer, a ghost writer. Very cool.

After visiting there you can  pop over to:

And there you can get your motivation tweaked a bit. What he writes is true.

My only criticism is his choice of colors for the pages. Uplifting should be bright and cheerful, not boring and gray. But each to his own. I am sure he can find somethings wrong here



She writes that she is a ‘self-taught artist’ and I wondered about that. I want to say or write that I’m a self-taught human being but I haven’t gotten it right yet, so I’m not sure about the teacher. From what I can see on her blog she is much better at being as self-taught artist than I am at being a self-taught human being. But you can find her at the following locations:

If you are interested in art work (who isn’t…we are all works of art I think, self taught or not) I suggest you visit her and see what she has or is accomplishing. I think you will enjoy her sites.


Roenx …


Looking for an aviation buddy? Or, at least want to be able to read about someone with aviation interests? How about someone studying aviation? Got one for you.

Like pictures? Incredible ones at

I really like some of those pics.


Good morning on a kinda chilly Florida morning. I’ve not been outside so don’t know exactly  how chilly, but I think it’s chilly because I’m feeling that way and I’m not fully awake yet either so who knows what I might wander off into this morning.

Okay, that being said, or written, let me get serious for a moment. I have a new follower: Sabrina.

Sabrina asks some serious questions and can be found at:

I think that here remarks at that location apply equally to men and to women, so those of us who are male should not be put off because she is making remarks which tend to be more concerned with being female than male. Wow, could I have written a better messed up sentence than that? I told you I wasn’t awake yet.

Anywho, as a friend of mine used to say, I think Sabrina tends to looking at herself and others in an honest way and she is asking of others to comment on some issues in which she claims that she tends to get in her own way……WOW….have I ever been there??? How about once or twice (maybe three or four times) a day!

So, Sabrina, who have asked for comments and I am asking those who follow me to go and look and see if they have similar thoughts like yours (you know we all do…except the sociopaths among us…or is that … amongst us?). Darn, now something else to worry about this morning.