Nerdy Crafts: DIY Comic Book Lamp Shade

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Hello World,

Today’s post is about a fun project that I did involving old scraps of comic books and mod podge. My interest in decoupage stems from when I was a young girl cutting up magazines and pasting pictures of celebrities to my tiny guitar case. These days, I’m using Mod Podge instead of Elmer’s glue and comic book scraps instead of J-14 magazine clippings. (Does anyone remember those? Are they still around?)

Here is a simple DIY tutorial on how to turn a boring old lamp into something super awesome. After that, I included some other comic book projects that were borne of my Mod Podge frenzy.

As promised, a DIY.

Nerdy Crafts: DIY Comic Book Lamp Shade


  • Comic Books (more accurately, cut up comic books)
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam Brush/s (1-2)
  • A Lamp w/ a durable (preferably non fabric) lamp shade


1. Cut up your comics. For this project…

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